Editorial design and production

Latcom Brochure

Latcom is a Latin American communications company that specializes in contact center and BPO. For more than 10 years they have been the voice and online word of multiple companies to the clients and customers. They specialize in technical support, FAQs, data analysis, and much more. In 2020, Latcom trusted us to do their new […]

Book “Manolo Adentro”

Making a book is really a process: an interesting, defiant, and incredible process. It’s not just about writing it, but everything that is behind, the research, the editorial design, the edition… And it does convey time and dedication. The author is our founder and creative director, José F. Machado, who spend two and a half […]

Book “Las 7 cumbres sin límites”

The step-by-step story (in 296 pages and more than 300 photos), of the prowess of the only Colombian group that has ever conquered the summit of the highest mountains of each continent (the seven summits including Antarctica). An original lesson about leadership, freedom, adventure and friendship. Our studio did all the graphic and editorial design, […]

Book “Comunicación y Diseño Visual, ¿para qué?”

Published in 2019, this book gathers numerous articles written by José F. Machado for the magazine Proyectodiseño from 2006 to 2015, as well as some interviews granted by the author to specialized media. It’s a text of thought, reflection, and criticism around the daily world of design and communication, written in a simple language and […]

Book “Himalaya en los límites del oxígeno”

The first book published in Colombia about rock climbing and mountaineering. José F. Machado, one of the members of the first Colombian expedition to the Himalayas, reconstructs, step by step, the arduous road to the summit of Broad Peak at 8.047 meters above sea level (the twelfth highest mountain in the world). The editor declared […]

Book Huellas de Esperanza

The book recounts Ecopetrol’s difficult experience after an oleo duct (or pipeline) explosion that occurred in the Christmas of 2011 in the town of Dosquebradas, Risaralda, which left 33 dead, numerous wounded and several material damages. It also narrates the capacity of reaction and resilience of the population after the accident. Therefore, the editorial design […]

Book Colombia a través del tiempo

Colombia is a vibrant country with a high level of graphic reportage as shown by the international recognitions received by professional photographers of the most important newspapers and magazines. The director of El Tiempo’s newspaper entrusted us to design and produce an annual series of books that collected the best photographs made by its reporters. […]

Book “Informe Anual 2016 DAV Corredores”

Publications that are aimed to professional investors must have a presentation in which the precision and technical components prevail over the aesthetics. Specialists, academics and communicators have to constantly consult a piece of dense information (while trying to understand it with clarity) that shows the status and performance of an action in the stock market. […]

Magazine E+.

Ecopetrol siempre se ha preocupado por mantener una comunicación cercana y fluida con sus grupos de interés. Después de varios años de circulación, la revista Carta Petrolera, diseñada en nuestra agencia para públicos externos, dio paso a la nueva publicación E+, con contenidos de actualidad sobre la industria de hidrocarburos y el quehacer de la […]