Digital Media

Multimedia and videos Hocol

To address its groups of interest, Hocol always uses different tools. One of the most popular ones is the video, which condenses, in a few minutes, various types of information that can be watched in conference rooms or smartphones. Animated videos, such as the ones our studio has develop for this company, are focused on […]

Ecopetrol’s corporate identity manual

Ecopetrol renewed its corporate identity and brand in 2007. The new symbol, featuring the green male iguana, is much more dynamic and, therefore, can be positioned in different angles. It can also be used in full color, plain color, grey scale, black and white with high contrast, with or without subsidiary enterprises, in English or […]

Premio Corona Pro Habitat Presentation

The Premio Corona Pro Hábitat (Corona Pro Hábitat Prize) stimulates the talent and skills of students and young professionals in the architectural field that can contribute to improve the quality of life of the Colombian population (with appropriate technologies and environmental awareness). In each award’s ceremony, our studio is in charge of creating the multimedia […]

Interactive forms

Filling out on-screen or online forms is usually not as fun. So, the success of it depends on the design and programming, as well as the order and clarity of the information that goes along with the identity of the company. In our studio we make sure that these factors are excellently met for Banco […]

Davivienda Annual Review 2016

The annual management and sustainability reviews have become a specialty of corporate communication. Written by several people, they begin with the unification of the language according to the identity of the company. With the support of photographs, illustrations, charts, and infographics, they constitute an x-ray of the entity which is annually reviewed by its shareholders, […]

Club Los Lagartos Annual Meeting Presentation

The presentation of the official report of the Directors Board and General Manager at the annual shareholders meeting of Club Los Lagartos (Lagartos Club) in Bogotá, has to be on point and as clear and brief as possible. The financial statements, the administrative and legal matters, social and cultural activities, sports and recreational events, etc. […]